AB Outfitter #3 Hunt Information

The Outfitter operates from Two (2) distinct Camps

River Camp

This strategically located Camp is a modern tent camp and consists of wall tents with wooden floors, cots with thick foam and wood heat. Excellent home cooked meals are provided. Washing and shower facilities are also available. The camp is powered by a generator which is valued for recharging those video camera batteries. They like to keep the camp small and personalized to provide you with the attention and service you need to have a truly great hunting experience. A mobile phone is available in camp should any emergencies arise. You may bring your cell phone, as most of them work in this area. The camps can easily accommodate family members, who are also welcome to sit at the bait sites during the hunt or check the baits, etc.

Remote Fly-In Camp

The location of this Camp is about 30 minutes from Fort McMurray by air. Hunters will fly into this camp by float plane. Camp consists of Wall Tents with wooden floors, complete with cots and wood heat. Washing and shower facilities are also provided. The camp is powered by a generator. This remote camp provides a true wilderness experience deep in the heart of prime Black Bear habitat. You will truly be in the middle of nowhere, with no hunting pressure.

Camp Consists of

Private 10 ft x 12 ft canvas Wall Tents for each hunter and are equipped with a wood burning stove, wood floor, and large comfy cot with foamy.

14 ft x 16 ft canvas kitchen tent, which provides you filling, quality and delicious meals from the Camp Cook to satisfy the hungriest of Hunters.

12 ft x 20 ft bug-free eating and entertainment area with tables, chairs, flat screen TV and DVD player

Large firepit, perfect for sitting around and sharing those epic hunting tales.

Large (private) outhouse, for when nature calls.

Separate showerhouse with hot water on demand, for your shower needs.

A practice stand with 3-D Black Bear target, as practice makes perfect.

What To Bring On Your Alberta Black Bear Hunt

Black Bear Hunt

Daylight in Northern Alberta in the month of May is about 18 hours. The weather can vary at this time of year. You may experience some freezing temperatures, snow squalls or it may be as high as 70-80°F. You should bring layers of clothes, rain gear and good boots. There will be some mosquitoes and occasionally black flies, so don't forget a head net. A good pair of warm gloves, head cover and goggles to protect your eyes from the dust & debris are recommended for the long, cold ride on the ATV's coming back to camp from the stands, which maybe up to 20 miles.

Suggested Items To Bring on your Black Bear Hunt

Hunting Weapon (gun/bow/muzzleloader/x-bow); Carrying Case; Arrows/Shells; Knife; Layers of clothes; warm gloves/headwear; rain suit; goggles; soft camo clothes; head net/bug jacket; footwear/camp shoes (runners); Towel/toiletry items; sleeping bag (arrangements can be made for one in camp); and bug repellent/Thermacell; Safety belt/bow-gun hoisting rope; water bottle; flashlight; cameras (still & video); Wives/Family members (optional) and a Positive attitude/happy face (mandatory)

Black Bear Trophy Care

The Guides are highly trained in tracking and recovering your animals. They will make every effort to care for your trophy. After the recovery, quality field photos will be taken for your lasting memories. On some occasions, the Guides may even be able to sit with you in the stand (your choice) to video your hunt.

Your Trophy Black Bear will be skinned with care and placed in one of their many freezers, along with the skull and meat; if you choose to keep these. You will be provided with a Rubbermaid leak proof type container to transport your hide(s)/meat home with you in a frozen condition. Should you want an ice chest or such type of cooler, you will have to bring this with you to Camp. The Guides may salt the hides in the remote fly-in camp.

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