Blue Collar Adventures (Canada) is a hunting consulting service, which chooses to cater to the Blue Collar worker. Having been a Blue Collar worker ourselves, we realize the vast amount of financial difficulties experienced by all, in this day of economic strife. Our commitment to you, will be to try our best to work with you in order to provide you with the Outdoor Adventure best suited to your financial position. We guarantee to provide you with a great hunting experience, one which you will cherish the memories.

A bit of background on the owner D. I. (Ian) Hay. Ian started life on the East Coast of Canada and as a youth fished for trout in all the local streams. When old enough to tote a firearm, he was found on the river hunting for Diver Ducks. During his youth, he enjoyed a trip to visit relatives on Vancouver Island, where he undertook fishing for salmon. After High School Ian joined the Canadian Armed Forces (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry). His love of the outdoors accompanied him through a successful military career, where he was able to not only hunt, fish and partake in other outdoor activities in New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia where he was posted; but also on ventures to New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Nunavut and Africa.

Ian has enjoyed hunting most big game in North America, angling for many species of fish and trudging over lots of terrain while conducting other enjoyed outdoor interests. He is an avid handloader and enjoys shooting at the range, as well as plying his shooting knowledge to the hunting field - whether that be with rifle or shotgun.

His love of all outdoor sports and the many wonderful people met and experiences encountered, has led him to the present, where he feels that he can be of great assistance to folks looking to satisfy their hunger for their chosen outdoor venue and also provide to the outfitters, the people best suited to their geographical location, climate, terrain and support provided.

Canadian trophy moose

It is hoped you will feel comfortable conversing with Ian, via email ( - outdoor people love to share their passion with other outdoor folks almost to a fault - that is mostly a good thing.

Trophy Desert Mule deer taken in New Mexico