client's successful safari with Blue Collar Adventures with Blue Wildebeest

Jimmy's Blue Wildebeest

client and PH with trophy Blesbok

Jimmy's Blesbok

client with trophy Eland on safari

Jimmy's Eland

trophy safari success on Red Hartebeest

Jimmy's Red Hartebeest

Client's African safari baboon

Jimmy's Baboon

Trophy Gemsbok on safari

Jimmy's Gemsbok (Oryx)

client successful safari on warthog

Jimmy's Warthog

A collection of Plains Game taken on the 2011 Safari to Namibia

Client's Kudu

Jimmy's Kudu

African Safari success for Blue Collar Adventures on Black Wildebeest

Ian's Black Wildebeest

successful safari for trophy Gemsbok

Ian's Gemsbok (Oryx)

safari success for owner of Blue Collar Adventures on Blesbok

Ian's Blesbok

successful trophy hunt for Red Hartebeest

Ian's Red Hartebeest

Trophy safari for Impala

Ian's Impala

trophy hunt on Zebra

Ian's Burchell's (Plains) Zebra

successful African Safari for trophy Kudu

Ian's Kudu

safari success on Warthog

Ian's Warthog

Ian's Baboon