Alaska Outfitter #1 Alaskan-Yukon Moose Hunts

Western Alaska Range

Alaskan-Yukon Moose Hunt - September 11th - 22nd

10-days in the Western Alaska Range. Cost is $15,000 USD with a $2,100 Air Charter fee from Anchorage to Rohn.  You can also hunt for Trophy Caribou, Alaskan-Yukon Moose, and Grizzly Bear, depending on the location. Wolf is no charge and no tag required.

This is a fly-in Alaskan-Yukon Moose Hunt in the Western Alaska Range. You are flown into this magnificent wilderness by Super Cub, where you will be set up a Base Camp with a large tent, good creature comforts and will travel by foot daily to glass for Alaskan-Yukon Moose. (This is an over the counter tag area). Alaskan-Yukon Moose hunts in this area are available between September 1st - September 20th.

Cordova Ranger District/ Chugach National Forest

Their limited guide use area, the Cordova Ranger District of the Chugach National Forest, is famous for its excellent Alaskan-Yukon Moose habitat and incredible genetics. This area lies along the Ocean in the Gulf of Alaska, with very impressive scenery between mountains and ocean. This is a draw-only area applied for in November/December. The Hunt begins with a bush plane flight out of Cordova and from there you will hunt by foot or small boat, along the rivers. It is excellent to combine with a Brown Bear or Black Bear hunt.  Hunts are run primarily in October.

Alaska Yukon Moose Hunting

Alaskan-Yukon Moose hunting is a true classic Alaskan adventure. You will use high points along the rivers and marsh areas to glass and listen for the love-sick Bulls. You will glass miles of prime Alaskan-Yukon Moose habitat in all directions. The Outfitter will use calling and glassing, as the most effective way to locate the Bulls. You’ll set up a comfortable tent Base Camp with cots and a propane heater to dry equipment and keep off the chill. They will provide high energy food and snacks to keep going throughout the hunt. You will start at first light and wait until last light to return to camp. This Outfitter tries to maintain a 60 inch or better harvest for all our Alaskan-Yukon Moose clients. Additional trophies of Grizzly Bear, Mountain Caribou, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine can be taken on a trophy fee or as a combo hunt.


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