Alberta Outfitter #1 Black Bear Hunts


Black Bear Hunting Alberta, Canada

The Outfitter offers guided rifle and archery Black Bear hunts during the spring Black Bear and fall Black Bear hunting seasons in the Peace River Region of Alberta. He is in a two tag, Black Bear baiting area and has a tremendous success rate on all of his Black Bear hunts.

Hunters can anticipate multiple Black Bear sightings each night in the stand, with possible opportunities at a variety of Black Bears, including Black Bears in the black, chocolate, cinnamon, and blonde color variations. The success on these Black Bbear hunts is due to the abundance of Black Bears in his area and the effort he and his guides put into your hunt(s). They annually establish a number of new Black Bear bait sites to spread the hunting pressure throughout their 1800 sq. mile hunting area. As well, there is a minimum of three or four active Black Bear bait sites per hunter and each week our Black Bear hunters get fresh bait sites that have not been hunted yet.

You won't be hearing nearby road traffic from your bear bait sites; most are remote, ATV accessed, and spaced a minimum of 2 miles apart. These efforts are very labour intensive, but check out our references and witness the gratification of our successful Black Bear hunting clients. By using ladder style stands they are able to readily relocate stand and bait sites as conditions dictate; place a couple clients readily at any site, and enjoy the safety and relative comfort of these stands. They have taken many elusive, large Black Bears by simply relocating the stand at a particular site.

They offer guaranteed tags and quality guided Black Bear hunts. They maintain an honest interest and offer personalized "hands on"; service.


2020 Black Bear Spring Hunt Prices

Pricing is in U.S. dollars and includes: 6 full hunt days, in hunt meals/accommodations,
licensing, guide services, field trophy care and all applicable taxes.

mid May – mid June
2 tags/hunter
baited hunts
remote locations

Non-Hunters Fees:
o Non-hunter remains in camp: $1500.00
o Participating non-hunter on spring bear hunts: $2500.00
o Participating non-hunter on fall hunts: $2950.00


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