Alberta Outfitter #1 Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts


South Peace Outfitters offers guided rifle & archery elk hunts in the Peace River region of Alberta Canada. We offer elk bowhunts during the early archery season and rifle and archery elk hunts during the general hunting season. No matter which elk hunt you choose, we are sure you will have an unforgetable experience.

When bull elk are bugling it can be a very exciting and up-close hunting experience! During the elk hunt we may be chasing bugling bulls through river valleys or in heavy timbered cover they find security in. We may stand or still hunt wallows, licks, and game trails to feed sources or watering holes. An Alberta elk hunt might also find us floating one of the rivers and working the banks and flats trying to locate a responsive bull. Bull elk with 3 or more legal sized points can be harvested in our area.

Archery Alberta Elk Hunting

Bow hunters can hunt during the pre-rut and early rut stages of late August and early September. This is a great time for archery elk hunting as the bulls are still challenging one another to establish their territory and harems.

General Season Alberta Elk Hunting:

General season archery and rifle hunts run from mid-September through November. The best time to rifle hunt elk is opening week when the bulls are in mid or full rut stage. Hunting involves walking and calling, waiting for a bull to respond to a challenge or cow call, and then making a move to intercept the targeted bull.

We offer guaranteed tags and quality guided elk hunts. The Alberta elk hunts can make a great combo hunt with bear, moose, whitetail or mule deer.We maintain an honest interest and offer personalized "hands on" service. Join us for your next Alberta elk hunting adventure in Alberta.


2020 Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt Prices

Rut: Sept 17-22


- Fall hunt pricing includes single species licensing and a single species trophy fee.
Additional licensing at $350.00/species with additional trophy fees payable of
$750.00/additional animal harvested. No additional trophy fees for wolf/coyote kills.
- All fall hunts are 1 on 1; that is one guide with each hunter.
- Non-hunters fees:
o Non-hunter remains in camp: $1500.00
o Participating non-hunter on spring bear hunts: $2500.00
o Participating non-hunter on fall hunts: $2950.00



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