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South Peace Outfitters offers guided waterfowl hunts including goose hunts and duck hunts for Canada goose, Whitefronted, Speckled Bellies & Snow goose, Mallards & Pintail ducks in the Peace River Region of Alberta Canada.

The Peace Region of Alberta, Canada is one of the first agricultural areas that migrating geese and ducks encounter on their annual journey from northern nesting grounds to the southern wintering grounds. A local abundance of cereal grain and pea fields provide a superb feed source and the numerous ponds, lakes, and rivers provide safe roosting areas for migrating waterfowl. We have combined our Alberta waterfowl hunting efforts with a neighboring Outfitter and we operate together as Peace Waterfowl Adventures and have access to over 4 million acres of prime Alberta waterfowl hunting property.

A typical morning with Peace Waterfowl Adventures sees us in a dry field setup for Canada Geese. We shoot several Whitefronted Geese, Snow Geese, Mallard Ducks, and Pintail Ducks from these setups as well. In the afternoon we setup in fields or waterfowl staging areas and target Mallards and Pintails, occasionally getting Geese, Teal, and diving ducks in these setups. Daily limit shoots are common and include up to 8 dark geese and 8 ducks per hunter/day. The daily limit on Snow Geese is currently 20. Our decoy spreads include shells, silhouettes, full body, and motion decoys. We use a variety of blinds including willow blinds, pit blinds, coffin blinds, and decoy blinds - whatever the weather, field, and bird conditions dictate to have a successful shoot!

Our Alberta, Canada goose hunts and duck hunts start in mid September with local and early migrating Canada Geese, Whitefronted Geese, Mallard ducks & Pintail ducks. In October larger flocks of big Canada Geese, Snow geese, and large, full plumage Mallards move through from the north. With several different roosting areas available we hunt different flocks of birds each day.

We offer quality waterfowl in Alberta. We maintain an honest interest and offer personalized "hands on" service. Join us for your next Alberta waterfowl hunting trip in Alberta.


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