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The dove & pigeon population, by the millions in the area around the lodge, turn this into the best spot around the world to hunt both species.

Together with luxurious accommodation located near the best hunting places plus high-standard service, turn our lodge into a hunters' haven.

The best area worldwide for Dove and Pigeon Hunting

All Visitors agree: the fields of this Outfitter has proven to be one of the best areas of the world to hunt both pigeons and doves.

New Luxurious Lodge

New top notch Lodge especially designed to receive hunters - surrounded by beautiful green areas and unmatched mountain views.

Professional Staff

You can rely on professional staff to use it’s more than fifteen year experience so that you enjoy a relaxed and comfortable stay, both in the field as in the accommodation.

Short Distances to the Hunting Fields

After your long international trip, enjoy daily to travel short distances to the hunting fields; this will allow you to have a more relaxing and pleasurable stay with us.

Enjoy the thrill of Decoy Pigeon Hunting

Argentina Pigeon hunting has turned into a real challenge, since there are few sites in which excellent hunt can be performed. Without exaggeration, this Outfitter provides the best pigeon hunting of the world!

For British-style decoy hunting, we provide plastic decoys plus a “Pigeon Magnet” (spinning decoy). Its effect is immediate and tens of pigeons begin to fly down, allured by the decoy.

Doves & Pigeons in the largest numbers you have ever seen!!

The volume of pigeons and doves present in the area is astounding!! And a very rare thing to find both species together in this volume in the same area in Argentina or even around the world!

Food and Climate.

You’ll be delighted by our exquisite menu prepared by our chef based on natural products and the famous Argentine beef. The lodge area is well known to have a micro clime so healthy food, combined with mild, sunny, dry weather, will help you feel in the best way to enjoy your hunting adventure.

Wine Tour Combination.

If it is to your liking, you may add a wine tour in Mendoza one of the eight “Great wine world capitals” after your hunting program, since the location is conveniently close to that city. Guided by a Group of Experts, you will visit the most famous wineries, savoring the World famous Argentinean Malbec, together with other exquisite wines in their land of origin.

The Value of Trust

Above all, we know the value of trust. And this has made all our first-time visitors recommend this excellent Outfitter to their friends and wish to repeat their trip with us. Your hunting experience and holidays are an invaluable treasure…, trust their organization to our expert hands.

Our Commitment

"to offer our visitors at the same place as good or better famous Cordoba dove shooting plus the best pigeon hunting in the world, short drives to hunting fields and luxurious accommodation with high standard of service"

Welcome to Dove & Pigeon Kingdom!

Introducing the Outfitter´s new Lodge Dos Plumas. They are proud to present to you Dos Plumas, their new Lodge. For the last 12 years they have received hunters from all over the world in San Luis, and they’ve always dreamt to build a first-class accommodation to meet the lodging needs of the most demanding visitors. Today, this dream has come true and they have opened their new Lodge, in April 2015. They have designed this lodge with passion and it’s fitted with the most top-notch details for the hunter’s comfort. The name Dos Plumas (Two Feathers) defines in the best way the hunting species combination offered: Doves & Pigeons by the millions!! In this way, Dos Plumas is the perfect combination of the best place to hunt doves and pigeons in Argentina, a luxurious Lodge, the most delicious Argentine dishes and the highest standard of service. They would like to invite you to discover Argentina’s new wing-shooting choice. They are looking forward to receiving your call or contact, so they can provide you with all the necessary information about the new Lodge.

Dos Plumas is located in the north of San Luis Province. There are daily flights from many US and European cities to Santiago de Chile. Without changing airport you can take a 1 hour flight to Mendoza. A Dos Plumas representative will meet you at the airport. There is a 3 hours 15 minutes’ drive to the Lodge. You can also arrive at Dos Plumas through Buenos Aires, if you also want to visit this marvellous city, where Tango music was born.


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