BC Fresh Water Fishing Outfitter

Catch Monster Sturgeon directly from the Beach!

Full and half day pro-guide trips for adventurous anglers of all ages and skill levels. Bring the whole family, the corporate team or just come alone and join the hunt for the largest freshwater fish in North America at incredibly scenic hot spot locations on the Fraser River.

Coming from a Commercial Fishing family, this expert Pro-Guide Outfitter first stepped on a fishing vessel at the very young age of two and has been on the water ever since.

Catching his first BC sturgeon in 2005, this challenge only inspired this Outfitter to regularily seek out these most impressive of creatures, hunting out the best places in Fraser Canyon now for 11 consecutive summers. He knows the patterns, the habits and of course, the very best spots to guarantee a truely Monsterous Trophy. Once the thrill of this high-octane fight was in his blood, he has never looked back, always exploring, looking for that once in a lifetime World-Record size Prize.

There are Monsters out there and he’d like nothing more than to help you catch one too.

Epic. Legendary. Unbelievable. It’s the most incredible fish story imaginable. Wage a battle with North America’s largest freshwater predator on your own pro-angling tour through the heart of British Columbia’s dense interior. Operating in Fraser River Canyon, the very same river that four separate instances of World Record sized-fish were captured in the past two years. It’s only the biggest game on the water when you’re hunting these extremely-active tail-walkers, quite possibly the largest river fish on this side of the planet.

Be the hero of your own saga this summer and land a Monster Trophy in just a single day with his pro-guides or why not book a weekend trip and catch more than one! Anyone can do it with the Outfitter & his Guide's assistance, from children to older anglers to actual first timers on the water. Just be sure to bring a camera; because this indescribable fishing experience is something that has to been seen to be believed.

His Jetboats will quickly take you to location each morning, where we’ll set up camp at one of several exclusive prime hotspots, where giant Sturgeon lay and feed along the Shoreline. Fishing directly from the beach, it gives us room to stretch and relax when necessary, move around and most importantly, the reliable footing and support you need when landing your Monster. This very remote and relaxed camp setting is one of the most enjoyable extreme angling tours you can imagine, casting from idyllic hot sandy beaches that wind along a cool river canyon. Truely Mother Nature at her best!

For those accompanying not fishing full-time during the journey, there’s ample terrain to explore and plenty of wildlife to spot, even natural gold-panning for those looking for a different kind of trophy. Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, Mountain Goats, Black Bears, bBld Eagles and more all share the canyon with you.

Each of his experienced Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Guides are Licensed and Insured with over 10 years on the water. This Outfitter supplies high-quality tackle and bait for each passenger on your excursion.

Under British Columbia Law, each angler fisherman is required to have a valid fishing license and follow safe handling practices during catch and release of these great fish. Please ensure that you have a valid personal license and read the documentation regarding catch and release proceedures.

Their Penn, Quatumor Shamano reels spooled with 150-200 lb test line, on both Beef Stick and Ugly Stick rods are the industry standard and designed specifically for giant fish like these BC White Sturgeon, ensuring the best chance of catching and landing your prize trophy of a lifetime.

All Jet Boats used on the Fraser River have been newly certified by Transport Canada and feature the official Blue Safety Decal, ensuring their professionalism and commitment to passenger safety. This Outfitter meets or exceeds all legal requirements for Canadian Commercial Fishing Guides and strives to provide a perfect Day on the River for each party and passenger.

Regular maintance on boats, geat and tackle is performed after each trip to make certain each new adventure runs as efficiently as possible, without a hitch. This allows for maximum time on the River each day and thus provides more angling time to your party, making each Fishing Trip more effective and highly ensures the landing of your Trophy Fish.

They have never lost a fish (once hooked) due to faulty or improper gear or a lack of preparation.

The boats are very roomy, easily accomodating four passengers each including storage space and they sport covered tops to protect you from the sun or rain.

For your comfort on the beach, they bring a number of sun and wind screens along on the journey, as well as chairs, food and beverage coolers and other necessities to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed while out in the wild.


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