Bear Hunting in BC

This Outfitter possesses an extremely successful record hunting Black Bears with both rifle and archery equipment. The territory varies from river bottoms, agricultural lands (which green up first) to high elevation country and alpine. This means the hunter always has excellent hunting conditions. All hunting is done by “spot and stalk” (the Baiting of Bears is not legal in British Columbia), hunting old roads, burns and clear cuts.

There is no greater thrill than stalking a mature Black Bear boar in his domain. You take a bear by this means and you will wake up in the middle of the night re-living the success of taking a formible foe.

       BC Black Bear Hunt

Spring Black Bear hunts are conducted between May 1 – June 15.  At that time the pelts are in prime condition.

Spring Black Bear hunts offer bowhunters incredible opportunities for a trophy animal. This hunting territory is perfect for spot and stalk type hunting. Most bowhunters have several stalk opportunites daily.


The Fall Black Bear hunts are conducted between Aug 15 – Oct 1 and are usually part of a combination hunt with Deer, Wolf or Moose.


Colour phase Bears are very common.

7 day 2:1 Bear hunt $5000 USD each
Second bear $1000 USD for the hunt + $1000 USD harvest fee.

7 day 1:1 Bear hunt $6000 USD
Second bear $1000 USD for the hunt + $1000 USD harvest fee.

Prices do NOT include: Tax, Licenses, Tags, HPF, flights, hotel, alcohol and royalty fees.




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