Please enjoy the pictures from

Africa 2011

and upon a

Return Trip in 2012

Zimbabwe Safari in 2013

and finally and newly put up

South Africa Safari in 2015


Spain in 2017


NOW Africa 2018

We have some excellent Safaris\Hunts which will fit everyone's budget

The goal of BLUE COLLAR Adventures is to provide to you with a realistic chance at achieving the hunt you live for and at a price which you can afford.


Trophy Alberta elk

Quentin's Late Season Elk

We have secured the services of some of the best outfitters in Canada as well as in various countries in Africa.

Trophy Alberta mule deer

Quentin's Trophy Mule Deer

Whether you are interested in hunting Africa's Big 5, the numerous species of Plains Game or coming to Canada to hunt for Big Game, Waterfowl or Upland game, we have the outfitter for you on the budget you can afford.

Hunting is our primary passion, as I have hunted for most species of North American animal in Alaska, Nunivat, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico. I have also hunted in Namibia. I fully understand and am familiar with all facets of a hunt, from the smallest detail - the choosing of the caliber to be used, clothes to be worn, physical condition one should be in to truly enjoy their hunt, travel arrangements and taxidermy, where your trophy will bring back fond memories for a lifetime.

Mountain Zebra

Ian's Hartemanns (Mountain) Zebra

BLUE COLLAR Adventures is confident we can satisfy every aspect of your hunt so contact us and let's get your hunt of a lifetime started.


We have excellent Outfitters in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Nuniviat, Yukon & Alaska

We still have some openings for huge whitetail in northern Saskatchewan.

Some excellent hunts, for those wanting a true hunting adventure in

British Columbia

A place to look at for true whitetail and mule deer trophy is going to be


Trophy caribou from northern BC

Nice Barren Ground Caribou


Now for Africa

Any time the Dark Continent is brought up in conversation between hunters, it conjures up images of a long line of humans carrying almost a city's worth of equipment and at the front the Hunter and his Professional Hunter. These Safaris used to last for months and were only for the extremely rich folks. Not so the case these days, although the sky is the limit when it comes to hunting Africa. For the average hunter and especially the first time African hunter, there is enough plains game to select from to fit their wallet. One can also choose to hunt the Big Five, but these do cost money.

Ian's Gemsbok (Oryx)


BLUE COLLAR Adventures has secured the services of several Professional Hunters in Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and CAR.

Ian's Eland

If you’re traveling overseas for the first time, or just want an unforgettable international hunt without any worries, A BLUE COLLAR Adventures hunting trip is the perfect opportunity! Hunting abroad has never been easier!

Ian's Cape Buffalo

One of the very noticeable differences between hunting in North America verus Africa, is the hunter will see far more game in Africa and will definitely get a chance at taking trophy animals. In North America,and I can atest to it, one can lay out a fair amount of cash and come home empty-handed.

We have excellent Plains Game Safaris with a long time friend in Namibia

South Africa provides the hunter with so much choice - type of life style and the number of species that it is an extremely popular desitnation.

How about the Big Five hunting in Tanzania

Combine a hunting safari in Mozambique with an excellent fishing trip

Zimbabwe provides all the excitement a hunter may ever want to experience and we still have some openings there.

CAR has a multitude of opportunities for the avid trophy hunter.



For those not wanting to hunt, our outfitters also specialize in photo safaris, as well as hiking.