BLUE COLLAR Adventures

BLUE COLLAR Adventures is a newly formed outdoor adventure consulting service, which chooses to cater to the Blue Collar worker.   Being a blue collar worker ourselves, we realize the vast amount of financial difficulties experienced by all, in this day of economic strife.   Our commitment to you, will be to try our best to work with you in order to provide you with the hunt best suited to your financial position. In today's fast pace lifestyle, more and more people are filtering to the great outdoorz to relax, get physically active and to enjoy something, which brings both of these into their lives. The continual thing which we continually hear is how many people in our society are suffering from bad health, over weight and lack of physical exercise. Companies are spending millions of dollars on providing their employees with access to healthy living through providing gym access, weight loss programs and stress-free environments.


river rafting adventureInstead of running on the paved streets of our home towns, which is both boring and hard on the knees or spending time on a treadmill or in a gym, which lack fresh air; there are numerous people heading for the country style of exercise, whether that be cross-country runs, bike rides, hiking, mountain climbing, extreme mountain biking, wilderness camping or a host of other super exercise related sports. There are copious amounts of the populace wanting to get active in today's fast-paced world, but are not sure where or how to get started. Once one has determined the type of exercise activity one prefers and enjoys to do, then the rest is entirely up to the individual, starting off slow, finding other local individuals with the same interests, whether that be a formally organized club or just a couple of folks interested in a healthier lifestyle


Why not allow BLUE COLLAR Adventures to assist you with the rappelingplanning so you can experience a memorable holiday, one which will allow you to pursue your outdoor recreational endeavour with fully competent and highly skilled professional outfitters, ones focussing on the type of adventue you desire. We represent outfits who cater to climbing, rafting, mountain biking and a host of other exciting outdoor adventures.