NB Whitetail Deer Hunts


He is going to start to take some Whitetail Deer Hunters this fall as the deer are starting to come back again.  Last year he started to get some nice 4.5 & 5.5 year old deer again weight wise 180 to 260 pounds last 4 year's winters have had very little snow  (B/C 120 -160)


Deer season starts first Monday in October for Bow  for three weeks.  Rifle starts October 22th to November 17th.

Whitetail Deer hunts are $3000 USD, plus tag $206 Cdn.


All Hunts include all lodging, meals , guide services to and from all hunts sites, Radios contracts at all times if sport need something , 2 Hunters to one guide, except Moose hunt one on one guide service . Airport pickup is Moncton or Saint John New Brunswick Fee is $100.00 each way.


They do their best to make all hunts successful.