NZ Outfitter #1

This is a family owned Outfitting Business, specialising in Hunting the South Pacific species.

This Outfitter is one of New Zealand’s most experienced Professional¬†Big Game Hunters and he has guided hunts on all the South Pacific species achieving several World Record trophies for his clients during that time. Many have made the “Top 10” of SCI. He has also hunted in many of the more unusual destinations of the world: Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Slovakia, Alaska, Spain and Mauritania to name a few.
His passion is mountain hunting, where he has over 300 guided Tahr hunts under his belt, with 100% success to date.
His background is in Mountaineering and Search & Rescue, so he is well qualified to offer a safe, but challenging hunting experience in the mountainous wilds of New Zealand.

Through training and experience they have a great skill-set to understand the logistics and consistently perform with success in the extreme environments which is their Office.
The 12 big game species of New Zealand will remain the “Core” of the business. Especially during New Zealand prime time, which is March until August.

They like to offer Real Hunting and feel yhey have a package to suit all budgets and aspirations. They have client experience ranging from members of the Royal Family and serious mountain hunters to first time and youth hunters.
The Outfitter is a native of New Zealand, and was raised on a mixed farm on the Banks Peninsula, Canterbury New Zealand.
The Outfitter has always had a sense of adventure, and a burning desire to see what is over the next hill.
He spent some years involved with Search and Rescue Operations, including 5 years in a Mountain and Cliff Rescue team.
Through training and experience he has come to understand the logistics in the planning of a safe adventure, in often demanding physical conditions, like their Southern Alps.
Mountain hunting is his “First Love” and through travel and guiding, it has opened a world of contacts and friends, that has become his life.

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