NZ Outfitter #3



This Outfit is equipped and vastly knowledgeable and able to create a full holiday itinerary. You can dive in the blue oceans of the North Island or go whale watching in the South. They can organize a full holiday experience, one that isn’t just about hunting. You are visiting one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, so take advantage of it and sit back and let this Outfit do the hard work.

Even if you finish hunting your dream Trophies, the Outfitter can then take you on further adventures which are still in close proximity to the Lodge. For example, you can visit the world-renowned Milford Sound, where you or your guide, can dive for fresh lobster and then enjoy the catch in a secluded lunch in the remote mountains, all with help of a helicopter. You will see places you never dreamed of and make memories that will last forever. Ask Blue Collar Adventures about any activities or sights you wish to see and visit.


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