NZ Outfitter #3


Many outfitters are limited to a single property. After years of research and trophy management this Outfit has secured multiple hunting properties, which enables you to be in a position to access world-class trophy animals. They don’t limit you to one terrain or limited animal numbers. They want you to have options that not only allow you to enjoy your hunt, but make it as challenging as you desire.

Their guides are trained and specialise in *Backpack Mountain Hunting. If you request, you can camp in the midst of the Southern Alps and experience world-class mountain hunting for the incredible Himalayan Tahr and/or the agile Chamois. This style of hunt is similar to what you would experience in Alaska or the Rocky Mountains. Where animals are pursued on foot in challenging mountain terrain.

Aerial drop offs by helicopter to hunting spots is also available to maximize time in animal rich environments.

*Backpack Mountain Hunting

For those looking for the true mountain hunting experience and have the physical ability to walk the mountains, this Outfit's Tahr and Chamois Backpack Mountain Hunts are sure to make hunters fall in love with the mountains and game animals. The animals and terrain provide a similar opportunity to hunting Mountain Sheep in North America, yet the time frame, cost and over all experience is more atattainable. This is a must for all avid mountain hunters and has proven to be an unforgettable adventure.

Hunts are conducted on both private and public land. Hunts are organized to suit each hunter and their physical ability. Helicopters and four-wheel drives are used to access previously scouted hunting grounds, to ensure trophy animals are both present and attainable.

Time Frame

Hunters will be picked up from Queenstown from their chosen Hotel. Airport pick ups can be arranged, however experience has shown us that it is better to have the first night at a hotel to recover from the travel and also give time for any unplanned travel interferences.

From Queenstown you will be picked up by the Outfit around midday and travel to their Lodge (50 mins drive). Here you will check the accuracy of your rifle(s) and sort the remaining gear needed for the mountain trip and finish the day with fine dining, which includes lobster and wine.

Backpack Mountain Hunting Exclusive Adventures New ZealandBackpack Mountain Hunting Exclusive Adventures New Zealand

Next day

Providing the weather is manageable you will travel early morning to the chosen hunting destination. Here you will either fly or drive into the area that you will be hunting for your Trophy(ies). Helicopters are the main use of transport as you fly to a higher point in the mountains, which means less energy and time wasted on getting to the preferred hunting area and maximizes your trophy hunting time. Tents will be used for camping on these mountain hunts.

Time of Year

Mountain hunting for us is focused on the best times of year to ensure success of quality trophys, this is from April – July. Hunts outside this time frame can be organized also. Contact Exclusive Adventures and we can talk you through the options.


Bookings and further information


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