Super Savings Namibia Safari

$1175 USD

A six (6) day Safari (4 hunting days) in Northeast Namibia for two (2) hunters with a total animal harvest of one (1) Blue Wildebeest or (1) Red Hartebeest, two (2) Warthogs, two (2) Baboons and one (1) Blesbok or (1) Duiker. Depending on the animals are selected, the safari is normally worth $4,630 USD - $5,150 USD

1 XBlue Wildebeest OR 1 X Red Hartebeest



2 X Warthogs            &           2 X Baboons



1 X Blesbok OR 1 X Duiker




Accommodation, meals, soft drinks, PH and staff, trackers, skinners, field preparation of trophies and delivery of trophies to nearest taxidermist is included.


Airport transfer at $300 USD per person, taxidermist charges, shipping and crating of trophies, gratuities and tips. Travel costs and accommodations before and after the safari.

It can be taken in 2017 and can be upgraded to 1X1 (it is currently 2 hunters X 1 PH) and additional animals and/or days can be added.