Namibia Tigerfishing


This Outfitter carries out Tigerfishing tours to northern Namibia, fishing only the very best venues.  They offer a variety of tours to various sites and have a solution for every budget and requirement. Tigerfishing tours to the Okavango Delta in Botswana are possible.


The Tigerfish is an extremely aggressive feeder and ferocious in its eating habits. When hooked they fight incredibly hard often leaping clear of the water. The Tigerfish will readily take trawled or cast lures, as well as bait. Fly-fishing is the ultimate challenge for catching a tigerfish. Tigerfish range in size from very small to over 12kgs.

Other species of fish include the Nembwe, various bream species and the sharp-toothed catfish (known locally as a barbel) can be fished for also.