SK Outfitter #1 Black Bear Hunts

This Outfitter offers fully guided Black Bear Hunting. They have a huge area for forest and farmland Black Bear hunts; The Outfitter has 20 forest Black Bear tags on 88,000 acres and 20 farmland land Black Bear tags on 1000 square miles.

This area has some of the most prime Black Bear real estate in the province and Country, and they have some of the best fishing, which you will do every morning of the hunt. They’ve been seeing sows with four cubs quite frequently, which is a sign of excellent habitat and breeding environment.

They hunt 20 forest tags and roughly 12 farmland tags in the spring and then save the remainder of Black Bear tags for fall spot and stalk in the oat fields. He has around 60 different bait stations that they bait religiously. They have trail cameras on all bait stations going 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so he knows whats coming in, in order to get our clients their best chance at shooting a mature Black Bear.

Every year they shoot a few of those once in a lifetime bears, what he likes to call them the 500 pound class & 22 inch skulls. They always shoot a few colour-phase Black Bears every year, but only if they are mature. All of the Bait Stations are approximately a 20 yard shot, so you can use whichever weapon suits you. You usually get set up in the stand around 4 pm, after a morning of fishing and a hearty dinner.

Black Bear Hunts\Fishing are $3200 USD plus licenses (around $300). Cost includes meals, lodging, trophy prep, taxes, pickup and drop off in Saskatoon. The hunt is 5 days and a 50% deposit is required, with remaining balance to be paid 2 months prior to coming on the hunt. Licenses can be paid in cash when you arrive at camp since the government sometimes changes the price.

Black Bear 2016

May 8 to May 14
May 15 to May 21
May 22 to May 28
May 29 to June 4

Black Bear 2017

May 7 to May 13
May 14 to May 20
May 21 to May 27
May 28 to June 3

Black Bear 2017

May 6 to May 12
May 13 to May 19
May 20 to May 26
May 27 to June 2


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