South Africa Outfitter #2 Bow Hunts

Bow Hunting Safaris

The hunter is growing impatient now; he has been in his tree stand since 5 o’clock. There has been quite a bit of activity around his stand since first light this morning. Two eland bulls and some cows have passed below his position, but haven’t offered him a clear shot. A rustle, two bushbuck ewes gallop by, but that’s not what he came for. Suddenly the bush goes quiet; he hears the faint sound of something big moving through the grass. Slowly, he turns in the direction of the sound, his heart skips a beat, just behind clump of bushes is the biggest Eland bull he has ever seen or for that matter hoped to see. The huge Bull is not offering a good shot at it’s vitals. The Hunter waits patiently for what seems like eternity, it seems his luck is about to change, as the massive Bull moves forward, and the Hunter slowly draws his bow. He takes careful aim, as he has done thousands of times on the Range and lets his arrow fly…

Now that’s the excitement of an African bow hunting safari here with this Outfitter and his Professional Hunters ensuring that’s what they want you to experience. Your Professional Hunter will strive to ensure that you obtain your Trophies in a sportsmanlike and ethical manner; he will expose you to the widest variety of game species, landscapes and habitat in all of South Africa. He will make sure your South African Safari will be an unforgettable one that you will cherish forever.


Recurve – 60 lbs min – plains game
Recurve – 95 lbs min – big five
Compound – 60 lbs min – plains game
Compound – 80 lbs min – dangerous game


This must be one of the most debatable subjects among bow hunters! They prefer a fix blade broad heads,for example: Muzzy, Montag G5, Thunder heads. For Dangerous Game a two blade fix with a total arrow weight of a minimum of 850gr is required.

400 grains minimum – Plains Game.
850 grains minimum – Cape Buffalo.

(We don’t recommend lightweight arrows)


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