Spainish Carp Fishing

We offer you a variety of fishing amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery with Europe’s best uncaught carp just waiting for the landing net.

Carp are found throughout Spain, from large river systems and dammed reservoirs to intimate bays and lakes of unknown potential

The country has a history for producing 70 lbs (32 kgs) wild carp and in recent years stocking will prove instrumental in the future of this sport, which is becoming increasingly popular to the extent that some of the biggest names in carp fishing are investing heavily in the Spanish Fishing Market.

The Ebro has become an exceptionally successful species. It is not uncommon for the carp to spawn four times by year This is why the carp swim up and down the river in large shoals. When fishing it's possible to have double hits off twenties and thirties.

As you'd expect from wild river fish, accurate and heavy baiting are the keys to success. To maximize your chances of success, we recommend that you allow us to prepare suitable spot in advance of your arrival with particles and boilies.

The best time for the carp is between October and May when big bags are on the cards. Summer is usually tough fishing. Note that night fishing isn't permitted on the Ebro, but isn't necessary. The carp tend to lay low at night when the catfish are on the prowl.