Spanish Zander Fishing

Zander fishing in Spain: Which is done from different areas of the reservoir Mequinensa, Escatron, Chiprana, Caspe and consists of cast fishing, (spinning), with different types of lures, vinyls, crankbaits or with mounts, drachkowitch.

The best time for Zander fishing is September, October and November and then February, March, April or May. The cooler months from November to March are the perfect times to be more fruitful in catching the zander fish.

Fourteen years experience of fishing the waters of the Ebro, has taught us to know every corner of the reservoir and depending on what type of fish you seek and the time of year you join us, we will know where to fish.

When fishing for catfish, it is less strenuous because the fish are in deeper depths, are much slower and more technique is involved. The search has to be more subtle, with a greater degree of concentration, seeking the slightest sign of them before they detect and reject you.

Due to various factors, there is no fixed fishing area and fishing spots vary depending on the level of the reservoir and the colour of the water.

This is especially so, during the autumn and winter months at the Mequinensa Reservoir, whether it has remained high, as the zander seek it at its highest, having spent many years in the Chiprana Escatron. Then we need to find an area which has a large population of good size zander, since most adults are seeking this reservoir area to spawn.